This time we are shown everything you need to know on our first horse, fundamental and inseparable companion of 'adventure. Have you participated in the first closed beta event for ArcheAge but are not able to get a mount or to give it a name of its own? Do not worry, dear Zirats back to help us with one of his guides which shows us all we need to know about our first cavalcatura.Le mounts are a vital part of the ArcheAge XL ArcheAge, so much so that all of them possess armor practices may damage, level up, learn skills and participate themselves in the fighting to our fianco.Una sort of Pet System Enhanced, where in addition to providing support in combat, allow our mount / pet to be a kind of our second character , equipped with all necessary accessories, which will grow not only in level but also fisicamente.ArcheAge, the new ArcheAge from XL ArcheAge and which will come out in Europe thanks to Trion Worlds, has been for some time in a closed beta phase, but these days it has been made possible access to all concerned, what expected after downloading over 20 giga client? ArcheAge is an MMO already available in Korean and Russian market, where it met with mixed results, and will be available in a few months, on the form of free to play with item shop, also noi.Non we are talking about the usual Theme Park, but even a pure sandbox, but rather something in between (a sandpark?), once you enter the ArcheAge, greeted by outstanding graphics, clean and light, we wait for a stage of leveling classic (pretty fast), based on the classic quests complete up to the level cap, which is level 50, accompanied by a non-combat action.Con the hours passed, however, we will explore every feature of ArcheAge, realizing that you have in your hands a product that offers much more than the fees in which we have used the Theme Park, one of the first things you'll find out,