Pel Softlabs’ lead generation software stand out in the market because of its easy to use interface and result delivering mechanism. Software from Pel Softlabs, automate repetitive manual operations to a high degree. One such example is its capability to capture leads from all channels, put it in the software and assign them to the team, all automatically. When you operate with Software from Pel Soflabs, all the leads are duly tracked and the spillage of lead is also controlled. Likewise, the software automates most of the lead management part by following up on leads, setting reminders for the sales actions. This doesn’t end with the conversion of the lead since client engagement is also automated such that the customers keep coming back to the business for more. The software doubles as a unified communication channel with inbuilt capabilities of premium enterprise messaging, mailing and calling. This aids the businesses in creating and switching communication templates on the go. While the customers can create beautiful mailers through an easy drag and drop interface for sending out mailers to their leads, the cloud telephony enables them in creating unlimited IVR call flows and mapping them with their telephone lines at any moment. These features make the software stand out from its competitors